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Interior Painting


When you’re thinking of an interior paint job, not only are you wanting high-quality work but you’re also wanting someone you can trust to come in your house and be mindful of your belongings. Here at DDC Painting we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to assure your home is protected from any work we are performing.

On most of our jobs we will paper off all hard floor surfaces and we like to use a heavy rated cardboard for the main traffic areas. This will ensure any mistake of a dropped screwdriver will not leave a dent in the hardwood. We also plastic off any furniture that must remain in the rooms that are being painted.

Now we have a standard of doing our drywall repair first after it is all prepped and ready. Once the drywall is finished we do 2 coats of quality paint from Sherwin Williams. There may be other products you wish to use and that can be discussed during our walk-through time.

All in all we like to do a good quality job that we can put our name on and that you would be proud to tell your friends and family about. Because after all, that is how we have stayed in business since 2005 is by your referrals and quality workmanship.