About Us

Dan Davis & FamilyDDC Painting Inc (Originally Dan Davis Construction) was started in 2005. Growing up in a small town in Nebraska, Dan had the opportunity to work under many different trades. Back then you learned to do most everything since you could not afford to do only one thing. This helped develop the skill of knowing how all the trades should flow properly together.

In 2001 Dan moved to Central Oregon to start a new journey. Getting married in 2003 and subsequently adding 3 daughters to his family. You are safe to say that Dan has established his roots and wants to help strengthen our community. While attempting to help his wife wrangle 3 daughters, he also is active in the Redmond community and a strong member in his local Church.

Dan Davis Painting & TitleDan uses his past and current experiences to keep himself focused on providing top-notch service to his every growing customer base. He knows he can not have a successful painting company without first looking to serve those around him in Central Oregon.

After working many trades from roofing to house and structural moving, Dan settled on two trades that he loves! Painting and tile. DDC Painting specializes in all kinds of painting services for residential and commercial clients and during the winter turns their attention to many tile jobs.

With Dan and his crew of painting contractors, there is a combined knowledge 35 years of experience. When you hire DDC Painting you can bet that you will get not only a great interior or exterior painting job finished to your satisfaction but also the knowledge and experience from years of working to perfection. Their goal is to not only supply a great finished product, but to also have you walk away with new insights in making decisions on any new paint jobs for either residential or commercial you may have in the future!